Quality Parts & Services


Subaru and Mitsubishi Services


From 500 and 900 HP street beasts, to sandrails, and full on 9 second race cars.

  • 2.5 Swaps and Builds.
  • E-85 Conversions.
  • 6 speed / whole drive train conversions.
  • Aftermarket and OEM big brake conversions.
  • Turbo upgrades.
  • Exhaust installations.
  • FMIC installations.
  • Boost Inc turbo kits.
  • Suspension and drivetrain upgrades: Proper coil over set ups, bushings, axles, swap bars, end links ect...
  • TGV deletes.
  • Exedy stage 1 and up clutches.

Realiable Performance Mods

Maybe your just looking for some added light to light punch.

  • TGV deletes - Deleting the TGVs allow for more air flow threw the intake manifold by deleting the butterflies in the blocks. You will see an increase in turbo spool and highway gas mileage, and prevent turbo surge.
  • Fuel rails- Aftermarket fuel rails provide an equal distribution of fuel to each side of the intake manifold and increased flow, which the stock fuel rails do not support.
  • Colder plugs- colder plugs allow the combustion chamber to dissipate more heat in the cylinder reducing detonation.
  • Intake and exhaust sytems.
  • Up pipes and down pipes.


Why would you go to a big box lube shop for your oil changes, when you could go to ABQ's premier Subaru specialist for nearly the same cost?

  • Oil changes, gearbox oil changes.
  • Spark plugs.
  • Basic tune-ups
  • 15k,30k,60k,90k,105k Services
  • First major service for most Subarus happen around 90K (vary with model) This service includes Timing belt kit with water pump, plugs, new coolant and oil, gear oil and an overall inspection of the vehicle.
  • OEM clutches
  • Brakes
  • Electrical diagnostics
  • Mechanical diagnostics