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Who is Boost Inc?


With over 15 years combined experience, Harrison Stange and Damaso Delgado bring a rare Subaru expertise to New Mexico; they not only lay claim to one of the fastest WRX's in the southwest, but are also responsible for some of the most dependable. Whether you're building a full on race car, want to make mild performance modifications, or you're maintaining your daily driver to it's best and safest condition, Boost Inc. can handle any job. They know the secrets of pulling the hidden power out of a Subaru engine, as well as all the idiosyncracies unique to keeping Subaru's dependable and smoothe. Their expertise doesn't end under the hood, Boost Inc. can also help with modifications and maintenance to make the great handling and AWD your Subaru is known for, even better.


Harrison and Damaso are about forging long term relationships with their customers, not trying to retire on every one of your visits. If there is an easier or less expensive way to achieve an effective, safe repair, they let their customers know. They stand behind all of their work, and never rest untill their customer is satisfied. They work with customers to learn how they use their Subaru, and what their individual needs are, never upselling them on parts or services they don't need. 

Dom and Harry